Cari’s Canine College, a division of Cari’s Canine Pros, offers a wide variety of training services. We promote the best method training for you and your dog in the South Jersey locale. Have a problem with house or crate training, jumping, aggression, fear, or maybe your dog just needs to learn basic obedience? No matter what the case, we can help! We will provide you the tools necessary to keep you and your dog in a balanced healthy relationship. If you are interested in something other than what is listed below, please contact us so we can help better suit your needs.

Virtual Training Session – Elevate your dog’s skills from home with our virtual training sessions! These interactive online classes offer personalized guidance and real-time demonstrations to address behavior issues and teach new commands. Join us to strengthen the bond with your furry friend while achieving training goals conveniently. $100 per hour
Per Session Training – Experience hands-on learning with our in-person dog training sessions! These personalized classes are designed to tackle behavior challenges and teach new commands in a focused environment. Strengthen your bond with your furry companion while achieving training goals together. $200 first session

$135 each additional session

3 Week Board & Train (basic obedience & more complex behavioral issues) – Let us do all the groundwork for you! Contact us for more information. (complex behavioral issues may require more time) $2700 (includes all tools, $300 value); each additional week $975
Day Training (Basic Obedience) – 10 Day Sessions with a 60 min Owner Lesson at end! Contact us for more information. $2150 (includes all tools, $300 value)

Dog Training