How did Cari's Canine Pros grow to what it is today? A premier dog training, dog boarding and dog walking company of South New Jersey?

Well, knowing very little about dogs, but always being an animal lover, Cari decided she would rescue a dog from a high kill shelter. Immediately afterward, she knew she was in over her head. She decided to get a trainer, knowing that if she brought Sadie back to the shelter, Sadie would have no chance at finding a home. From her initial meeting with the trainer, Cari knew what she wanted to do with her life and decided to dedicate it to these wonderful animals.

"I enjoyed working with Sadie so much and having her learn new things, I wondered how I could train other dogs. I found the Animal Behavior College and immediately enrolled. While attending, the school requires each student to work with shelter dogs and that opened my eyes and world to dog rescue.

Since graduating ABC and becoming certified, I also co-founded All They Need is Love Animal Rescue. Pulling difficult dogs from different situations and getting them ready to go into a home has been challenging and rewarding.  I work with all different sizes and breeds. My world is now based around dogs, training them, and working to keep them in their homes and out of shelters. Hopefully educating people about the dangers of breeders and how anyone can help." - Cari Finelsen


Michelle is a mom to 6 children, a 5 year old big beagle, and a 4 year old small chihuahua. All her life she has had all kinds of pets, and was always bringing home strays and doing rescue before knowing what rescue meant. Prior to having kids, she worked for a few animal rescues, did transport and fostered many dogs. For almost a decade, she worked for 2 different animal hospitals as a tech/assistant/receptionist. She become involved with obedience training with her rescue dogs. She has shown Labradors for obedience and agility.  She also, very briefly, showed great danes for conformation. Since having kids, Michelle and her family do when they can, as well as raising dogs as part of their family. She is happy to be getting back to what she loves, working with dogs and their humans.